Engorged Things.

For me, aspects of porn are reminiscent of traveling circuses of the past, when they had the “freak shows”, also known as “sideshows.” If you think I’m being negative about porn, I’m not. I personally have a certain kind of fascination for the freak shows of bygone days, as well as porn today.

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What’s LOVE Got To Do With It?

I blind-date roasted somebody in my last post; then my website got hacked EEEEK. That’s all fixed now but life’s a beotch and she got back at me real quick on that roast. I had the pleasure of running into the roasted dude at the grocery store. Why that had to happen, well, karma is the only reason I can think of! It was so awkward. In the store – he actually asked me why I wouldn’t see him again. Really? You’re gonna ask me that question in the beer aisle of the grocery store? The simple response here: no chemistry, OK? Small town probs.
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Today is the one-year anniversary of Lily’s Lip Service! wwwoooohhhooo! It’s an INCREDIBLE feeling for me to be here, with all ya all, celebrating my Lip Service’s one-year anniversary!!?!!!! It’s been so much fun and an enormous pleasure sharing with you this past year. I look forward to many years beyond this day. HAPPY V-DAY EVERYONE!

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WOW PMS, right?!?!?!?! A force to be reckoned with. No one would disagree it seems. I’m 25 days into a 30-day cleanse, which includes no sugar and no alcohol. Let me tell you – the PMS was a real challenge this week! I’m getting through it, but it’s been rough. There was a time, back in my late 20s and early 30s, when PMS ruled me. Thank god those days are over. I took responsibility and control. How, you ask? Well, first by recognizing the moment I started becoming “difficult”, i.e. bitchy, or recognizing, that ironically everyone else was bothering me; then second, by investing in some herbal remedies that quickly helped with the hormonal imbalance. It was quite easy, really. Well, #1 wasn’t so easy – you know – admitting it wasn’t ok to just be bitchy because I was pms; but #2 was certainly easy and fortunately for me my body responded well.



I have been DYING to get this post written. It’s been bothering me for a month because I don’t want you to feel abandoned by me! Today, I want to GOBBLE you all up because you are all so tasty and deliciously good looking (and I’d like to gobble up some luscious hard dick too)! But, since none of you are here right now I’m gonna have to settle with stuffing my face with turkey in a little while. I think of you all every day. I’ve had soooo many thoughts and ideas, wanting to get them down on paper and posted here. So, here goes. Enjoy the ride.

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Sheesh everyone! Don’t believe everything you read. Just a quick reminder of my ongoing motto: “Nothing Lily says is to be construed as anything other than real, made-up, fantasy, from a dream…or any combo of these. If you think it’s about you-it probably is (not really).” Catch my drift here? I’m a fully engaged sexual woman with many experiences to draw upon and an extremely active imagination and fascination with fantasy. If I say I suck an Uber driver’s cock – well, maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. At the very least, I definitely know OTHERS who have!!

I have such intelligent, funny, fabulous, sexy, sexual friends that I’ve decided to add A NEW ADDITION to my posts, “Friend Quote of the Week.”

Here’s this week’s Friend Quote of the Week: “Meanwhile, I can be in a crowd with a swollen clit and no one is the wiser.”

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A Lifetime of Ubering


I love anal as much as the next person (well, probably more because the next person probably doesn’t love anal, not everyone loves anal, I bet the majority of people don’t LOVE anal… but anywho, you get my drift here… I love anal.) I also love sucking cock. IF I love your cock, then I will love sucking it but I do not suck every cock, nor do I love every cock. I will love your cock if it gives me lots and lots of orgasms. I might love it a little bit, if upon first seeing it, it’s appealing to me. So, if we are meeting for the first time (the cock and I), then we could have sorta a love at first sight thing and I may suck it for a while…but really only to get it in the mood to give me lots of orgasms.

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