Sheesh everyone! Don’t believe everything you read. Just a quick reminder of my ongoing motto: “Nothing Lily says is to be construed as anything other than real, made-up, fantasy, from a dream…or any combo of these. If you think it’s about you-it probably is (not really).” Catch my drift here? I’m a fully engaged sexual woman with many experiences to draw upon and an extremely active imagination and fascination with fantasy. If I say I suck an Uber driver’s cock – well, maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. At the very least, I definitely know OTHERS who have!!

I have such intelligent, funny, fabulous, sexy, sexual friends that I’ve decided to add A NEW ADDITION to my posts, “Friend Quote of the Week.”

Here’s this week’s Friend Quote of the Week: “Meanwhile, I can be in a crowd with a swollen clit and no one is the wiser.”

I think about you all every day. Even though I’ve only been posting every few weeks. I’m gonna BANG OUT a quick post so I can go BANG OUT a quick orgasm in the bathroom! I write best when either: 1. I’ve JUST had sex; or 2. I’m dying to have sex NOW. Wait, that’s pretty much all the time then! I’m at my office and my office mates said that if they hear any moaning or constant shifting of my chair, they will check on me. Spy on me is more like it. LOL


So, I got a Roomba. WOW what fun. And maybe I’m even being a little pathetic with it, but I seriously was videoing my Roomba the other night because it was cracking me up so much. My friend directed me to watch a SNL skit from a few years back. I highly recommend you watch it. Hilarious. It’s one of their “tv ad” skits called, “Woomba”. Go here to watch it:

Speaking of Woomba, ladies, I want to be sure you aren’t obsessed with making your pussy so clean that it’s smelling like something other than what it’s supposed to smell like – your pussy; your wet, delicious, creamy pussy. Some days we smell sweet, some days we smell a little pungent, some days we smell like fish. Lmao it’s a mini cavern, right?? It’s moist; not dry like the skin on our arms. Why are we obsessed with making sure our pussies are CLEAN. Well, I mean, of course we want them to be clean and healthy. What I’m talking about is, and I sure hope YOU aren’t doing this, douching and shit like that to make it SMELL like a fake floral bouquet. Don’t mess around too much with the natural chemistry down there or you’ll end up with a bigger mess than you started with. Why would you want your pussy to smell like fake flowers anyway?

I went to the Summer’s Eve™ website to check out their icky products:

I am just going to say I’m a little bit shocked here. It seems they’ve come a long way… as their products, “are made with simple ingredients – free from dyes, alcohol and parabens – for a fresh clean that’s gentle by nature.” I’m rolling my eyes here.

I took their quiz to find my personal best product, and it went like this:

How would you spend a long weekend?

Road Trip* – I chose this!

Lazy days on the beach

Binge-watching a show

Which scent are you most drawn to?

An ocean breeze* – I chose this!

A bouquet of fresh-cut flowers

Fresh, clean laundry

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Upgrade to a bigger home

Save some, and then go shopping

Drop everything and jet-set to an island* – I chose this!

Based upon those answers, my perfect product is: Coconut Water Gentle Foaming Wash. Doesn’t sound half-bad, actually. No, I won’t be trying it.

These days Summer’s Eve™  offers: foaming washes, cleansing cloths, cleansing washes, freshening sprays, and body powders; PLUS all of that in a fake lavender scent for “night-time”.

Then we get to the last of their products… douche. Now made with “natural ingredients… [and] is gentle yet effective…. [and] will leave you feeling clean and fresh.” If you are inserting things into your puss, I’d like to think it is truly ALL NATURAL. A dick for instance, that’s all natural; or a banana. Oh, wait, of course, we can have our toys. But, products, I mean let’s discuss tampons for a minute. Have you switched away from the bullshit that’s sold in most stores? The ones coated with who-the-hell-knows-what? If not, please do so immediately. I know many of you already use other products like diva cups. More power to you in that arena! Please inform yourselves, if you aren’t already informed. Many feminine products contain harmful additions. Think  simple, organic, healthy, water rinses, maybe small amounts of an essential oil. You already know how I feel about lubrication – natural oils (olive and coconut, two of my fav) are the BEST – they smell good and feel amazing. They smell so good and tasty they make me want to devour a dick even more than I usually do. Keep ‘em “coming” ladies! Keep yourself cumming, keep your partner cumming; the more the merrier! We don’t need to smell like a fake bouquet while doing it.


I don’t know about you but when a guy reaches for my pussy and I know his hands are dirty – it makes me want to jump back and yell, “Keep your grubby fingers off me, and out of my puss!” Maybe it’s my age, I don’t know, but if we’ve been having drinks at the bar, and then start making out in the parking lot, and he reaches his hands under my dress and starts heading towards that luscious, warm area between my thighs, I tense up. Nope. Why? Because I don’t want to have to douche. Lol Is this how the whole douching thing came about? Men introducing dirty germs into our pusses with their grubby fingers and then us trying to get it clean? How about we stop the grubby fingers before they enter? That goes over REALLY well. It’s kinda awkward to say, “um excuse me but would you please go wash your hands?” Nothing like stopping passion dead in its tracks! I’m noticing women in their 40s fuck more like men…. lacking emotion…. just sex. But, we are also a little bit wiser with it. Like the hand washing. Gentlemen, head to the sink first, get those hands sudsy and squeaky clean so we don’t have to stop the passionate momentum!

MORE OF THE SAME (yes, please)

I had THE absolute BEST sex the other night. My friends tell me I say that often. What can I say? I have a really excellent lover! He came over, we chatted for a bit at the kitchen table with cocktails. He had requested a bath, so I started the water filling the tub and we proceeded to the bedroom to undress each other. We almost didn’t make it out of the bedroom!! Somehow we regained our composure and managed to get into the tub. Continuing our bedroom momentum, I started sucking him under water, one of my fav things to do (blow some bubbles), and alternated between sucking him then slithering up and sitting on his hard dick, and fucking him. I was squirting while I was riding him. So easy to do in the water! I didn’t fully realize it until later, when we were fucking on the lambskin in front of the fireplace, how much I was squirting! Then, repeat, back down to sucking. This went on and on. I couldn’t get enough of it. He was sucking on my tits whenever I had them bouncing in his face. His hands were also quite busy on my body.

After this routine went on and on we decided to take a mini break and finish our actual bathing. I got out and washed and rinsed his hair for him. Then I toweled him off as he got out of the tub. I especially like to make sure I dry and tickle between each toe!! Have you ever done this before though? Just given your man a bath without getting in yourself? Try it some time, it’s kinda fun. From start to finish. Start the tub, undress him, lead him to the tub, get him settled with a cocktail, get a washcloth wet and soap it up, wash his body, mmmmmm savor all of it, every inch of it; he can get on all fours so you can get his bum and his cock and balls. Wash his feet. Then wash his hair and rinse it using a cup or small bucket or a yogurt container, that’s what I use, cause it feels so good to have water poured over you. Then be waiting with a towel as he steps out so you can dry him. I usually have 2 towels – one he can put over his shoulders and one I’m using to dry him from head to toe. Then lead him to the bed, lay him down, get the massage oil out. …. I’ll let you visualize from here.


After WE left the bathtub we went to the living room and got cozy on my lambskin rug in front of the fireplace. I mean, let me just say, hours of sucking and fucking and squirting make for quite the BLISSFUL experience, right? I get mesmerized. If I’m squirting to my heart’s content I cannot hardly stop myself from slobbering and sucking. It was like whole new level that night for some reason. I had to be pulled away from the dick. It was like taking a lollipop away. POP! Although the lollipop then just got put into a different hole which was equally satisfying of course. Or, more so. The deep penetration was very much welcomed at that point!


One final bit of advice I find comes up in conversation often – if you haven’t had a conversation with a lover about BEING monogamous, then don’t EXPECT or ASSUME monogamy. It is truly that simple.

So go have FUN. Create some passion in your bathtub, or wherever floats your boat! I will be thinking of you – will you be thinking of ME???



Happy Halloweenie!