FINALLY! an excuse to have a personal spa evening and get rid of some of my winter furriness that has gotten quite overgrown. You know, it kinda takes motivation to shave or wax or trim or …. care about how furry I get when there’s no real motivation around me. I have to say, I’ve been enjoying looking down, for instance right now in the HOT bathtub I’m lying in, and seeing that BUSH of mine. I seriously am going to document this furriness with some video because it is off the charts. I don’t think I will share it any time soon. I doubt you’d really like it. It’s a good laugh… but it is also liberating to get furry; kinda a powerful feeling, like don’t mess with my BUSH. Lol but yet, honestly I’m really quite ready to pretty much go nutso with the ‘ol trimmers down there!! ALL OF IT IS GONNA GO.

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Sheesh everyone! Don’t believe everything you read. Just a quick reminder of my ongoing motto: “Nothing Lily says is to be construed as anything other than real, made-up, fantasy, from a dream…or any combo of these. If you think it’s about you-it probably is (not really).” Catch my drift here? I’m a fully engaged sexual woman with many experiences to draw upon and an extremely active imagination and fascination with fantasy. If I say I suck an Uber driver’s cock – well, maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. At the very least, I definitely know OTHERS who have!!

I have such intelligent, funny, fabulous, sexy, sexual friends that I’ve decided to add A NEW ADDITION to my posts, “Friend Quote of the Week.”

Here’s this week’s Friend Quote of the Week: “Meanwhile, I can be in a crowd with a swollen clit and no one is the wiser.”

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