How often; What time of day; Where?

I like knowing my man masturbates. In fact, it may seem like I’m being quite nosey at times because I ask a lot of questions, like, “when, how often, what time of day, where?” I generally refrain from asking them about their fantasies…. I mean what they may have been looking at or thinking about. There’s some privacies involved here. But I ask those other questions because when I hear about it – I get turned on.

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When I was reprimanding men in the last post about their “jack-hammering” it piqued my curiosity to watch some animal sex. To see what’s going on in the animal world. I chose lions. You know, pussy cats. I was quite fascinated. It’s not the first time I’ve seen animals having sex, but this was certainly a time when I was more aroused by it than just curious.

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32-Year-Old Males


A 32-year-old male decided to give me dating advice the other night. (Where’s the laughing emoji when I need it most). I scoffed but quickly made the decision to be diplomatic and give him reasonable opportunity to either: 1. Give me some good advice, or at least a nugget of useful information; or 2. Retract his statement and apologize profusely for thinking he had any advice to give me. Continue reading “32-Year-Old Males”